Hello, I am an animator, model maker and director specializing in stop motion animation.

I  work from a shared stop motion studio space in Bristol (UK) with all the facilities for model making and puppet fabrication as well as full stop motion animation production. Collaborating with a solid network of talented creatives, I am experienced in running stop motion productions from pre- to post-production with small production teams, or can work solo for smaller scale projects.

* Currently the studio has fabrication and shoot space available for hire! You can read more about the space on the studio page, or get in touch with me directly with the email address below. *

On this website I have categorized my work in animation, puppet fabrication and miniature sets / props modelmaking. Some projects may be shown multiple times where I was responsible for more than one of these areas or was in charge of the entire project.
I also occasionally teach workshops, or can offer more customized training or puppet consultancy.

Feel free to contact me at: mail@roosmattaar.com