About Me

Contact me: mail@roosmattaar.com

I am Roos Mattaar, a professional stop motion artist working as independent animation director, puppet fabricator, miniature model maker and animator.

I am a co-director and co-founder of ‘Touch of Madness Studios’ (website coming soon) based at the Estate of the Arts multi-use arts facility in Bristol, United Kingdom.

I discovered stop motion animation when I was growing up in the Netherlands, and was fascinated by its crafts and skills and the magic of bringing my own creations to life on screen. I started building sets and puppets in my bedroom and learned what I could from online resources. I moved to the UK to study at the Bristol School of Animation. At the university I made use of all the resources to learn traditional metal work, moulding, casting, woodwork, some electronics, using Arduinos, 3d printing and laser cutting. In my 2nd year I built a fully working ball and socket bird armature from scratch for which I was awarded the Clarke Wilmot young artist of the year award 2013. I graduated with 1st class honours, my graduation film ‘Moonbird’ won the prestigious Royal Television Society West of England Student  Animation Award and went on to be screened at various festivals and around the world.

Since graduation I have been working for several studios on a wide variety of projects as well as freelance commissions.   I have been involved in various roles with projects ranging from feature films (Early Man, Isle of Dogs), Children’s TV series (Postman Pat, Twirlywoos), TV adverts (Harrods, Sainsbury, Wacom, Bodyform) music videos (Father John Misty, Sparks, Walk the Moon), award winning NFTS short film Fulfilament  and Moth. I have had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry at companies such as Mackinnon and Saunders (Manchester) and John Wright Modelmaking (Bristol). I am always trying to develop my skills in all areas of animated filmmaking and working on stories, aiming to create more of my own films in the future.

I have worked as ball and socket armature builder at John Wright Modelmaking (Bristol, UK) as well as at Mackinnon and Saunders (Manchester, UK). From building lots of bulky cavemen armatures for the new Aardman feature film ‘Early Man’ to soldering tiny 2mm wrist joints for an armature for ‘Chickadee’ from the Twirlywoos TV series (Cbeebies), I have gained plenty of experience in creating armatures for stop motion puppets of all shapes and sizes.

Puppet fabrication/model making
My skills in model making and puppet fabrication include a wide variety of processes and materials: mould making; casting (resin, silicone, plaster, etc); low tech armature building using wire, K&S brass tubing, milliput and foam; needle felting; creating fur and hair; making costumes and finish painting puppets and sets


I have worked as an animator on projects from short films to commercials and music videos. Through agency representation of Momakin Stop motion agency I had opportunities to work as lead animator on some great projects in Europe. In early 2022 I was lead animator of the short film ‘Underground’ by director Yiannis Christoforou (currently in production) in Athens, Greecec. In 2019 I was one of the lead animators on the Polish short film ‘A Great Worry’ by director Zbigniew Kotecki, working at CeTA Film Studio in Lodz Poland. Back in the UK I have worked as animator on several music videos and commercials both as freelance animator or as part of independent commissioned works.

Contact me: mail@roosmattaar.com