DNA/The Keys

(Co-director/stop motion animator) Music video for ‘Walk the Moon’.

Written and directed by: Roos Mattaar & Heather Colbert
Designs: Heather Colbert
Cinematography: Jon Davey
Puppet fabrication: Heather Colbert & Roos Mattaar
Creature fabrication: Katrina Hood Set building: Heather Colbert, Roos Mattaar, Almü Cuesta, Marie Lechevallier
Stop motion animation: Roos Mattaar
2D animation: Heather Colbert, Lamia Diaab, Hend Esmat
VFX compositing: Ferriol Tugues
Colour grading: Martí Somoza
Intro sound design: Lloyd Starr
Video produced by: Nicholas Robespierre, Mark Roemer
Special thanks: the music team at genero.com, Mick Entwisle, Andrew Lane, Ellie Cameron-Krepp, Kenny Parmelee