Medieval animation

I was commissioned to create a short animation for primary school children in the Netherlands about the medieval history of a part of my hometown.

The animation was part of an interactive historic walk for the project ‘Verborgen Verleden’ (hidden history).

The video features a Dutch peasant family in the 12th century. We follow father, mother, son and their two cows whilst they are given a marshy piece of land. The short animation shows the hard life of the medieval farmers as they dig channels to drain the water from the land, plough the soil, build their farm house and sow the crops. A village emerges and the fields are full of healthy crops. But will they keep their feet dry, or should they move to higher grounds…?

For this animation I did everything from script to final edit. You can find more behind the scenes images and info about the production process below

More info on the puppet fabrication can be found on here. More info on the set and prop building coming soon.