I teach workshops and can offer individual training or consultancy in stop motion puppet fabrication. Workshops I have taught in the past include:
basic puppet fabrication, armature fabrication, miniature model making and intro to stop motion. I can also offer guest lectures or presentations.

Currently I have no specific dates scheduled, but can run workshops or offer training based on interest.
Whilst my studio is based in Bristol (United Kingdom), my aim is to make these opportunities available to anyone anywhere in the world. I have been working on developing an online video course version of the ‘basic puppet fabrication’ course and an ‘intro to silver soldering for stop motion’. However whilst this is still a work in progress I can offer online consultancy for technical armature/puppet fabrication or any specific questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch.

I had such a good time on the course and couldn’t believe how much we covered in the space of two days. Roos was thorough and patient guiding us step by step through the puppet construction and answering all our hundreds of questions.

(Participant of the ‘basic puppet fabrication course’)

What can I teach you?

One difficult hurdle but also one of the most important aspects to creating good stop motion animation is to create puppets that function properly. You will never create the most beautiful music with a broken guitar, and the same is true for animating puppets. You need to be able to control the character, not fight against it! This does however NOT mean that good animation is only possible with the most expensive materials or armatures. You can build good puppets with affordable materials. You don’t need to have access over specific brand products only available in certain countries.

Stop motion animation has always been about problem solving, and the properties we need from materials for them to work for us can be sourced in a wide variety of industries. Knowing where to look and what to look for is as important as learning how to use and apply these materials.

In my career so far I have worked and collaborated with people from and in a wide variety of countries from UK to Poland, Greece or Argentina, and I am always learning about and exploring new materials and ways of creating and finding solutions to create characters that can perform and tell stories through the magic of stop motion.

Below are some examples and impressions of previous workshops and training. Please get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.