Miniature sets/props

On this page you can find a selection of miniature setsa and props I have built or had part in building. Some of the sets are ‘traditional’ stop motion sets, in which the stop motion characters directly move around. Others are used for moving camera shots, and/or as backgrounds, to be digitally combined with animation and live action elements. All are made for ‘on screen’ purposes.

When I started out making films in live action as a teenager, I wanted to create worlds on screen that do not exist in everyday life. I did not have the space or money to build live size sets and the choice of locations in the flat landscape of the Netherlands wasn’t particularly exciting. Having control over lighting in outdoor settings required even more equipment, experience and money I didn’t have. My love for stop motion animation film making started when I realized I could be more ambitious and have more control in my film making by shrinking down the sets. This way I could build worlds and make a film in my bedroom!

The projects featured below are a combination of some of these early personal projects, two projects I was involved with as set builder/dresser as well as the miniature attic set I built for my graduation film Moonbird.