Alleyway set

‘This alleyway set I designed as part of a production design module at the Bristol School of Animation. I storyboarded a very short animation to take place in the set and decided to go ahead and build the set over summer. The metal gate was my first real effort at working with metal.
The image gallery below are lighting and composition tests in the finished set.

The main set was made of plywood panels with the bricks shaped from paper mache.
The cobble stones were partly individually cut and sanded pieces of MDF. This gave a nice effect but was obviously very time consuming. I made other sections using the same paper mache technique as was used for the wall bricks.
The gate was made out of steel. I used welding rods and cold-forged them into square, flat and curved shapes, shaping pointy ends and finally brazing everything together.
The lantern was a combination of the same flattened steel rods, K&S square tube to run a cable down through for the little light and super sculpey to sculpt the lantern details.