Lantern & books props

These props are part of a personal project in process. On this page are some details on making the miniature books and miniature metal lantern.

The books are made out of SikaBlock model board. I got hold of some cut offs while working at the John Wright Model Making workshop and wanted to give the material a go. Most of the little books are completely carved out of a solid block of SikaBlock. Others have covers or details from different materials. I tried out some different methods and was most happy with the results I got from carving the books out of the model board. These books were made to look finished from all angles, so I could re-use them in different scenes. For the project I am making them I will need a lot more, so for others where I’ll need rows that will only be seen of one angle I will use different methods, probably casting them in sections.

The lantern here is made from real steel and silver soldered together. I could have used different materials and make them look like steel, but I wanted the real steel look and assembling it from steel pieces helped to achieve the wonky look I was after.
Having plenty of silver soldering experience, it was fun to solder something together other than an armature!