Ymenydd set build

I was comissioned to lead the set and props fabrication for the short film ‘Ymenydd’ by director and animator Laura Tofarides. The film is currently in production.
During a 4 week contract I planned the technical construction and built all the base constructions of the sets as well as various key props and detailed key features of the sets.

The set walls are constructed from MDF and the walls made to be removable for access from different angles. The set built is planned in accordance with the storyboards to know which angles will be scene on screen. In the case of the smaller room with the slanted roof, shots from all angles were planned, so the panels from all sides needed to be easy to assemble and take apart from any angle.

Below pictures show the process of building the miniature sash window plus a miniature door including a lathe turned miniature brass door knob.