Puppet fabrication


On this page you can find a selection of my work in puppet fabrication for stop motion animation.

From the start of my interest in stop motion animation I have been eager to learn about the puppet fabrication process. I love working with my hands and exploring new materials. I am particularly intererested in the technical side and problem solving that is involved in the creation of puppets for animation.

Recently I have worked at John Wright Modelmaking (Bristol, UK), building ball and socket armatures, including for the upcoming Aardman feature ‘Early Man’ (Jan. 2018), Wes Anderson’s new feature ‘Isle of Dogs’ and for some adverts and comissions by students. In 2015 I worked for three months as puppet trainee in the armature department at Mackinnon & Saunders (Manchester, UK). As part of the armature process I was also involved in some resin casting, to create fibreglass resin hollow cores for puppet heads and torso’s (projects included Postman Pat, TwirlyWoos & ITV knitted ad break).

When not working at studios I have been taking on puppet fabrication commissions, where I am in some cases responsible for full fabrication from armature to finish, and in others working together within a team.

The selection below is an example of the wide range of materials and processes I have worked in. All projects had different budgets, style choices and time frame to complete the work in. Each puppet has different requirements in terms of durability and what it needs to be capable of. Some of the puppets have complex ball and socket armatures while others have more simple wire armatures. Some were developed over weeks or even months while others had to be completed within days.