Gardener (Bodyform)

The main character for the fertility scene in Bodyform’s ‘Womb Stories’ campaign.

The design for the gardener character for Bodyform’s campaign ‘Womb Stories’ was a collaboration between the creative team at Framestore and me. Central to the sequence is a very emotional story arc. The character switches from nurturing love, hope and pride to total devastation and grief. A conscious choice was made to keep the design simple and the emotions very subtle, working with body language and simple facial features. The animated sequences are short and the actions not overly complex. This meant that the puppet’s technical design did not need to be overly complicated, allowing me to focus on a strong and appealing design, matching the warm and soft qualities of the ‘womb garden’ world she is part of. To watch the final animation in the finished campaign video click here, or head over to the Animation page.