Cave character

The main character of the music video ‘DNA/The Keys’ for Walk the Moon.

The young woman ‘Mira’ is the main character of the music video ‘DNA/The Keys’ (watch the full video here ). A strong and fierce puppet character that needed to have the ability for a wide range of dynamic movement, jumping, running, falling, swinging, dancing, fighting… as well as subtle emotional acting. Without saying a word, she carries the story through her piercing animal eyes and expressive body language.

To achieve the wide range of movement, the puppet is built with a full ball and socket armature. the body parts carved from solid materials and a hollow resin head with eyelid mechanism for subtle facial acting. A hole through the chest allows access for a light to make her hidden symbol glow, as she discovers and releases her inner powers. The glowing fingers and body tattoos are achieved with all in camera practical effects using invisible UV paint.

The puppet fabrication was a collaboration between me and Heather Colbert, who designed the character, sculpted the face, refined the final body shapes, created the costume and painted the final body shapes. I created the armature, head mould and cast and all the technical mechanisms and fittings and created the puppet’s hair.