Resin head cores

Mabil, Dagny and Viktor head cores

Technical fabrication commission for short film ‘Moth’.

I built these head cores for an NFTS graduation film directed by Ewa Luczkow, which is currently in production. The head cores are hollow resin casts, the necks are hollow silicone pieces and the eyes are magnetic and cast in a combination of polyurethane and polyester resin.

The top picture is the head for the main character Mabil, for which I made twenty fitting magnetic mouth pieces onto which Ewa later sculpted the different mouth shapes. The picture on the bottom left is for the character Dagny and is a more simple hollow core with magnetic eyes and and a silicone neck piece. The bottom right is for the character Viktor, that needed a moveable mouth. For this I built a joint in the armature under the resin. The heads were sculpted over, painted, and given all final details by Ewa.

More images with details about the proces are in the gallery below.
For the head cores I first made an adaption to the neck part of the armature, with an extra joint and K&S fitting for the head, plus the extra jaw joint for Viktor’s head.
The head cores were first sculpted in clay, then moulded in silicone and finally cast as hollow resin. The neck pieces are hollow silicone, with clay sculpts moulded in plaster and the eye sockets have magnets to fit the animateable eyes which were machined, moulded, cast and painted.